A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Lofi Maker is a prototype for a warm and cozy lofi ambience-making game. Drag and drop different decorations into your room and customize it: with each room configuration there is a different instrument track associated! Mix and match to create your very own lofi beat to match your cozy lofi bedroom. Have Lofi Maker run in the background to have Lofi Girl accompany you as you complete your tasks of the day!

Stay cozy!


Team lead, programmer, musician and artist: Ramy Zhang

GUI design, itch.io banner design, animator and musician: Jerome Labelle

Artist and character design: Yixing Zhang

Programmer and musician: Justin Zheng

Lead musician: Andric Kim

Special thanks: Richard & Sabina, utGDDC


lofi-maker-osx.zip 73 MB
Version 1 Jan 20, 2022
lofi-maker-windows.zip 71 MB
Version 1 Jan 20, 2022

Development log


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